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Build Custom Business Software Without Coding

Copyl is a powerful and flexible Business Software Platform, that empowers you to create your own business software solution, without programming.

Our mission is to empower businesses to minimize their dependence on multiple SaaS products, reducing complexity and costs.

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What's different with Copyl?

All your business tools in one place

Forget the clutter of using multiple specialized software. Copyl rolls all the tools you need into one easy-to-use platform.

From Workforce Planning to Risk Management, manage every aspect of your business without the usual chaos. Plus, our built-in Integration Platform lets you easily connect with any other services you’re using—all right from your browser.

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Easily manage all your integrations directly in your browser, no coding required thanks to our ready-to-use connectors.

Tired of scattered data and logs in your Microservices? Copyl centralizes everything—logs, docs, and even GDPR compliance.

Our customers love the simplicity and transparency of our Integration and Microservice Management features.

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Need extra support? Our Professional Services are here to help.

We offer quick, targeted projects—from scalability checks to product design. Our goal? To boost your efficiency and then step back, letting you take the reins.

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Copyl is a robust SaaS platform, ideal for organizations seeking a unified solution to streamline and automate their businesses, improve collaboration, and drive operational efficiency across multiple functional areas.

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A new direction We’re thrilled to announce a bold new direction that not only transforms how you interact with our platform but also opens up

Copyl Risk Management features a dedicated Work Environment overview page, specifically designed for Safety Managers. On this page, HAV points and incident reports are prominently displayed, providing a comprehensive view of workplace safety metrics.

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The partnership between HAVS Protect and Copyl offers a unique, holistic solution for workers and safety managers to effectively mitigate the risks associated with vibration-related

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We are very proud of our customers and how they are changing the world for the better.

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