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Free Workforce Planning software increases your profits

Use Copyl to manage all your plans; from day-to-day planning of projects, support and workforce to strategic planning of budgets, contracts and focus areas.

Workforce planning : Plan projects, tasks and your colleagues' time to achieve your goals

Care companies plan home care assignments and accompaniment with Copyl

Care companies plan home care assignments with Copyl

More time for assignments - less time for administration. Here you plan recurring and one-off assignments for your customers. The staff has their own calendars with both work schedules and task instructions. Easy to use with the mobile out in the field.

Consulting companies increase turnover with Copyl's Resource Planning

Consultancy increases turnover with Copyl

Everyone becomes more efficient when you know what to do. Projects and tasks are planned out. Easy to manage changes. Turnover reports and forecasts. Absence management. Time reporting. Different types of cases, e.g. user stories, bugs, support cases, epics, etc.

Board portal : Unique tool for the board of directors to plan and follow up the company

Unique functions in Copyl Board Portal Software

  • Focus areas, goal setting, activities and follow-up
  • Meeting planner, digital meetings and documents etc
  • Digital signing of protocols and other documents
  • Election committee and voting system
  • Data room and access to contract management
Unique functionality in Copyl's board portal

Contract management : Gives you full control of all extensions and terminations

Features in the Contract Managment software

  • Alarm before the contract reaches the break date
  • Digital Signatures
  • Statistics per contract type, supplier, customer, etc
  • Create tasks from an agreement, e.g. "Negotiate price"
  • Grant rights to other users at the contract level
  • AI analyzes the document for information that becomes searchable
Copyl's Contract Management gives you full control of all contracts

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What a Contract Management software can do for your business

What a Contract Management software can do for your business

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The differences between API integration platform and data integration platform

The differences between API integration platform and data integration platform

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IPaaS Definition and Features

IPaaS Definition and Features

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Risk management : Capture risks, plan measures and follow-up

Identify and classify risks

  • All types of risks, eg projects, financial, work environment etc
  • Distribute rights so everyone can suggest risks
  • Quick overview of the risk situation in e.g a project with heatmaps

Plan and follow up actions

  • Create tasks and track their status
  • Incident and deviation reporting
  • Automatic follow-up of each risk
Copyl's risk management helps you identify and manage all types of risks in the organization

Integration Platform: Integrate all IT services easily and quickly

Contact us to learn more about how Copyl can help you integrate all your IT services.

Budget management : Collect all income and expenses from all modules in Copyl

Create your own budgets

  • The main budget is accumulated by all sub-budgets
  • Profit, balance and liquidity budgets

Copyl automatically fills in budget and outcomes

  • The contract management in Copyl creates income and costs
  • The time reporting updates the budget
  • The board automatically gets access to the budgets
Copyl's Budget Management

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Five important benefits of workforce planning

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How Home Care Service workers use phones during work on the field

How Home Care Service workers use phones during work on the field

Every Copyl user can use this function even though it is optimized for planning cleaning and home services. There is no need for an mobile app to use Copyl on your phone or tablet. The home care service worker can use a phone or tablet to “start”, “end” and mark tasks as “cannot be delivered”. […]

This is how you can easily jump between different companies in Copyl

This is how you can easily jump between different companies in Copyl

If you, like me, are involved in several different companies and associations, I would like to recommend the function that makes it super easy to jump between different companies in Copyl, without logging out and in. This is how you get access to another organization in Copyl You need to invite your user account that […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copyl?

Copyl is a web-based business planning system for companies of all sizes. We have modules for Workforce Planning, Contract Management, a Board portal, Integration Platform, Risk Management, Budget Management etc.

What does Copyl cost?

All modules in Copyl have a free-for-ever version. For the versions of modules that have a cost, they are usually based on a per-user and per-month basis. If you pay annually, you get a 17% discount, i.e. 2 months free per years. Some have a fixed fee regardless of the number of users, for example the Premium version of Mötesbokaren.

Why should we use Copyl?

Copyl has much broader functionality than other SaaS software so you get fewer systems to manage and lower costs. Copyl also has an Integration Platform that integrates all your different systems/services. We also have a much lower cost per user than our competitors on many of our modules.

How often is Copyl updated?

We often do several releases every day. You will see the latest version number at the bottom of the page, under the logo.

Have more questions?

Contact us and we will help you with any question.

Since the start in 2011, we have gained the trust of thousands of users who use Copyl daily

We have helped our customers plan and follow up millions of hours. Our first customer, Samhall, still uses Copyl today to plan their staff on different types of assignments.

Samhall is using Copyl to plan their resources