Boardroom Portal + Election Committee with e-signatures

Complete suite of tools for the board and the nomination committee.

A Boardroom Portal with all the features you need

Copyl Boardroom Portal is an all-inclusive SaaS solution designed to optimize the operations and management of board members across diverse organizations. Our platform facilitates effective meeting management, maintains a comprehensive shareholder registry and membership directory, and ensures transparency with a decision log. Experience the ease of handling sensitive documents through a secure virtual dataroom and electronic signatures using our Boardroom Portal.

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Board of Directors are increasingly utilizing live data from the business to get a deeper understanding of strategic areas. It’s no longer solely about following the regulations – it’s about actively contributing to the company’s evolution.

With Copyl Board Portal, you gain access to essential data from the organization through modules such as OKRs, Risk Management, Contract Management and Budget Management. This ensures that you stay well-informed and up-to-date on critical information.

The most complete Board Portal

Whether you serve on the board of an association or a listed company, equal access to information is provided to the entire board. Furthermore, the nomination committee has its own tool for managing candidates and conducting voting processes for new board members.

Here are some key features available in our boardroom:

  • Automatic compliance support
  • Save time with Digital Signatures
  • The nomination committee nominates for board positions
  • Digital share register with history
  • Meeting Organizer with agenda, protocols, invitations and more
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A Board Portal for all kinds of organizations

Protocols and Documents

Documents are automatically version managed in Copyl Virtual Data Room (VDR). This is where you store and access the documents.

Decisions can be extracted into the Decision Log, a very useful tool for new board members when catching up on earlier decisions.

Each board member has their own to-do list where they can report and follow-up the status of each task.

The board portal has a discussion forum where you can discuss the company’s development in different threads.

New board members automatically have access to previous information and can easily get involved in the board’s current issues.

Protocols are adjusted and signed digitally with e-signatures.

If you sit on several boards, you can easily jump between the companies’ boards in Copyl.

Boardroom Portal

Make a difference as a Board Member
$ 49 Year
  • Shareholder / Member Directory
  • Meeting Planner
  • Decision Log
  • Nomination Committée
  • Voting System
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Secure Virtual Dataroom for documents

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