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Reinventing Productivity™ since 2007

At Copyl, Reinventing Productivity™ is more than a motto – it’s our raison d’être. We see a world where businesses operate at their highest potential, where teams collaborate seamlessly, and where strategic goals are achieved with precision and ease. We’re dedicated to transforming this vision into a reality.

Our suite of products is meticulously designed to streamline operations, minimize complexity, and enhance collaboration – effectively reinventing the way productivity is understood and realized. By marrying innovation and intuition, we’ve created a platform that drives efficiency and fosters a culture of constant improvement.

In our quest to reinvent productivity, we continually evolve, adapting to your needs and the shifting landscape of business operations. Our goal is to ensure your work is not just done, but done smarter, faster, and with greater impact. Welcome to Copyl, where we’re not just changing productivity, we’re reinventing it.

We are Copyl

Our team has been building complex web applications since the dawn of Internet. We know a lot about the latest tech, ai/ml, ux, scalability and security. And we know about business needs and challenges.

When we started working on this latest version of Copyl we started from scratch. No code from earlier versions. We wanted to build an intelligent, modern, software that would fit both startups and big enterprises. With a business model that everyone would benefit from.

How it all started

Copyl started out from our own needs in 2007. We had an agency with 30 consultants and we were planning them all in an Excel sheet. We love Excel but we quickly got different planning in the projects and in the resource planning. We needed something more connected. And something that we could follow up in the time sheets and billing process. The first version of Copyl was born.

After a few years with this planning system we got a call from a big organization in Sweden that needed a ERP system. We scanned the market for them, not able to find a perfect match. We had a meeting and we showed them we showed how we managed our own resource planning. Instantly the customer said that they wanted that system. Copyl 1.0 was born. This was 2011.

Copyl Development Team works in an agile way

Meet our CEO

Rolf Bäck is our Founder, CEO and CTO. 

He’s known for helping building scalable companies with creative cultures that brings new innovations. We asked him a couple of questions so you would get to know him better.

I have a unique combination of being both a skilled fullstack developer and a business developer with skills in people management, sales, marketing and funding. I’m also proud of my skills around electronics and hardware. This is what I have been doing for more than 25 years now.

Looking back, I’ve been building companies with cultures that are highly innovative, inclusive and in general a fun places to work at.

My experience and my interest in people in general have led me to understand how people work and often I see the root cause to any problems right away.

I often describes myself as a Swiss army knife with a lot of tools for any business that needs my help.

Copyl is something I work with daily, even if I’m helping other companies. I always prioritize existing Copyl customers before bringing on new ones. I’m also a bit lazy so I’m delegating a lot of work.

I’m trying to collect all my experiences from all customers I meet, as tools in Copyl. In that way I get more and more efficient and our existing customers get new features that helps them even more.

Rolf can be connected on LinkedIn and contacted on [email protected]

Rolf Back, our CTO

Meet our clients

We are very proud of our customers.

Some customers are new, some has been here 10+ years

We would be happy to meet you and learn all about your business.

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