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A diagram that displays the relations a microservice has with other microservices

What is an Integration?

When data changes in one system you want other systems to either use that data or to do some kind of work, maybe move or crunch data.

Integrations can be runned in just-in-time or as a scheduled jobs – depending on your systems ability to report events.

3 things to consider when designing integrations

1. Have a holistic view and look beyond this particular integration you are building. Plan for more while you are it.

2. Find out the security requirements before building. Look at authentication, authorization, network topology, impersonization etc.

3. What level of logging is needed? On success? On failure? How should these recepients be administred? For how long should the log be saved?

3 common mistakes when developing integrations

1. One developer is assigned to develop the integration. Leaving non-updated code, dependency to the developer and to the tech used.

2. Declaring a system to be not open for integration. There are a very few systems today that is totally closed and cannot be integrated.

3. Big datasets are moved back and forth – only send the data that has changed.

Autogenerate your App's Actions

It is really super-easy to generate all available Actions in your API/App by pointing out the OpenAPI/Swagger file.

Copyl Integration Platform parses this file and adds all available Actions together with information about fields needed. Even the documentation is available in CIP afterwards.

You need to manually start the parser from the administration interface of your app. You can delete any unwanted Actions afterwards and you can also hide them when generating the Swagger file.

Schedule data moves or other actions

Copyl’s Integration Platform supports scheduled jobs so you can move data on regular intervals or maybe clear log files or any other actions you need to take.

Variables for stateful data

Set and get variable data in the integration logic. You can save data from one api call one day and use the data the next day in another integration job.

Monitor data changes and trigger integration jobs

Not all systems supports an Event-Driven Architecture. That’s why Copyl Integration Platform has a special feature were data is checked on regular basis and if a change is made a Integration Trigger is started. You find this feature called “Data Watcher” on the App Action page.

Define the Enterprise Architecture

All classes that are imported via OpenAPI/Swagger will be used as a foundation for your Information Model in your Enterprise Architecture. All you need to do is to define the relationships, keys etc to have one common ruleset for your organization.

Keeps track of GDPR & CCPA data

Mark the properties of each class that contains personal data to easilly keep track of them when you build your dynamic workflow processes in Copyl.

Run Copyl IPaaS on your servers

You can run CIP on your servers if your company’s policies doesn’t allow your integration and application definitions to be stored in the cloud. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

A diagram that displays the relations a microservice has with other microservices

Frequently Asked Questions

A monolith is a common legacy software design were all logic is compiled together in one big chuck of software. The upcoming architecture is called microservices which are small, autonomous, software pieces. There are advantages of both of them.

Yes you can with a little help from us. The IPaaS will be installed as containers in your Docker environment.

Yes there is a forever free version of Copyl Integration Platform. It has limited functionality and storage time.

All data in Copyl is stored in the EU. Copyl AB is a Swedish limited company that is subject to Swedish law and complies with GDPR. You have the option of encrypting data in the database to ensure that personal data cannot be read out without a password.

Yes absolutely! You can do it easily yourself under Settings and if you need help contact us and we will help you immediately.

Card payment (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). Please contact us if you want to pay with bank tranfer with a regular invoice.

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