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We listen and learn from our customers and we have therefore started to implement some big changes that will affect new customers. Existing customers will still be able to use and extend their current subscriptions.

This means we are creating new content and some of the links will stop working – please bare with us for a couple of weeks.


We had many different, smaller, product offerings, like Budgeting, Risk Management, Workforce Management etc. From the feedback, and from analyzing the customer profiles, we learned that some of the products should be bundled together. We have therefore removed the old offerings and are now producing new product information on our website.

No more tiers

We also learned that the Free, Professional and Enterprise versions didn’t help our growth as we thought from the beginning. We thought that the Free version would lead to more users, that eventually would upgrade to a paid version. Most of our customers are using the Enterprise version directly, and they were asking for a free trial of that version.

We have therefore now only one tier, which is equallient to the previous Enterprise tier. And you can try it out for free for 30 days.

Decreased license costs

We have also looked at the pricing and customers will now benefit from decreased license costs. Mostly because they don’t need all the licenses they needed before, but we have also lowered the prices of some products.

Our product line now

This is what we are offering now. Some of the products need some work to bundle the functionality and they will be finished during summer months.

  • Boardroom Portal – for board members with meeting organizer, protocols, e-signatures etc
  • Strategy & Execution – for management team and product managers, strategic positioning and execution. OKRs, product management, budgeting, risk management, contract management etc.
  • Project Management – including workforce planning, risk management and UX tools etc
  • Sales & Marketing – customers, deals, preliminary workforce planning, customer support etc
  • Microservice Management – centralized documentation and logging for debugging, data models.
  • Integration Platform – triggers and actions, integrations, saga patterns, scheduled jobs etc
  • Home Care Planning – a specialized version of Copyl for home care companies.

We have also made our Premium Support more available for all customers. You’ll get higher priority on support tickets and on suggestions of new features. And access to support via Slack instead of just email.


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