Home Care Planning

Easy to use, workforce- and customer planning tool that keeps you in total control of everything.

Home Care Team Planning

Specialized version of Copyl Workforce Planning

An important mission

Copyl is a safe and user-friendly planning system for social care. You can spend less time on administration and more time with your customers.

You get full control over assignments and planning as well as help with follow-up and advanced reports.

Home Care Planning

Workforce- and Customer Assignments Planning
$ 19
  • Unlimited customers and assignments
  • Recurring tasks and one-off assignments
  • Dynamic fields on customers
  • Secure storage of customers
  • Print out work orders

Tips! Save 17% and get 2 months for free per year with an annual subscription.

Copyl Home Care Planning

Workforce Planning
that increases your productivity

Home Care Team Planning

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10 years ago and the only competitor we had was Excel. Today we have access to plenty of tools to manage people, projects and tasks. Atlassian, Monday.com, Float, ClickUp, Wrike, LiquidPlanner are some examples. But they are either too generic or have a very narrow feature set.

Copyl is very different from all other workforce- and project planning services because we don’t just have one generic feature. Copyl has 10+ major modules that connects what you decide in the Board Room with what your colleagues are doing in their daily work. 

Specialized modules

The first version of Copyl, back in 2007, was specialized for workforce planning of our consultancy firm.

One of our customers that was using that module started offering home care services to their customers. 

Home Care services are still some kind of projects, tasks and planning but they needed a more specialized user interface. So that become a new module in Copyl; Workforce Planning for Home Care. Same pricing, same basic functionality, but with a more effective UI.


Frequently Asked Questions

Copyl is a Business Planning suite for businesses of all sizes. We have modules for Workforce Planning, Contract Management, Board portal, Risk Management, Budget Management etc. We also offer our own Integration Platform and Microservice Management to our customers.

Different products has different pricing. Most of the modules has a 30 day free trial. If you pay annually, you get a 17% discount, i.e. 2 months free per years. Some products have a fixed fee regardless of the number of users, for example the Integration Platform.

Copyl has much broader functionality than other SaaS software so you get fewer systems to manage and lower costs.

Copyl also has an Integration Platform that integrates all your different systems/services. We also have a much lower cost per user than our competitors on many of our modules.

Yes, we do consultancy for some of our customers. Please read more under Professional Services.

All data in Copyl is stored in the EU. Copyl AB is a Swedish limited company that is subject to Swedish law and complies with GDPR. You have the option of encrypting data in the database to ensure that personal data cannot be read out without a password.

Yes absolutely! You can do it easily yourself under Settings and if you need help contact us and we will help you immediately.

Card payment (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). Please contact us if you want to pay with bank tranfer with a regular invoice.

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