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Copyl is probably the most broad ERP Software as a Service (SaaS) in the market today, with modules for workforce planning, project management, contract management, budgeting, board portal, home care planning and more modules. And it doesn’t stop there; we offer our technology that we are using to deliver Copyl, the Integration Platform and Microservice Management.

But why all these modules? Why not build a software with just one feature?

The answer is simple; we don’t believe that the “micro-SaaS” is benefitial for all companies.

You will have more administration with more vendors. More bills to pay. More user databases to sync. More data to integrate with other systems.


Data security is another concern. An average company has 23 different SaaS solutions with data spread across the internet. The effort to keep track of everything is a hustle. If your business must comply with privacy laws it’s even more complicated.

Copyl does the job of Monday.com, Jira, Float, Asana, Trello, Wrike, ClickUp, Team Engine, WebMethods, Boardeaser, Pandadoc, DocuSign and more. All in one platform. With open integrations so you can move data to and from Copyl following your own rules. And all modules are integrated in Copyl.

Some of the SaaS Copyl can replace for you.

We don’t always have the exact same functionality as all our competitors, because all of our software is built from real customer needs for more than a decade. And this is something our customers love. To come up with questions and ideas and see them being implemented sometimes just hours later.

We make sure that we take care of each individual user when we scale-out. No matter the company size, all customers are valueble for us. We’re kind of a small boutique shop with a lot to offer and you get to know all of us working in the store. That’s something we believe in.


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