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If you, like me, are involved in several different companies and associations, I would like to recommend the function that makes it super easy to jump between different companies in Copyl, without logging out and in.

This is how you get access to another organization in Copyl

You need to invite your user account that you want to use when you jump between different companies, in all organizations you will have access to. Either you yourself need to have an account in the other organization so you can invite yourself, or another user in that organization needs to invite you. ATTENTION! All your user accounts can be members of any company if you want.

The invitation is easily sent from under your profile picture – “Invite team member” or from “Settings” – “User & Team”. In the user list, you can also give the new account the licenses required to work with that company.

Redo the process for all companies/associations that you have registered in Copyl.

How to jump between different organizations in Copyl

When you have been invited to another organization, you will find the function under your profile picture:

Under your profile picture at the top right you will find “Select organization”:

This is how you jump between different boards in the Board Portal

Once you have connected the organizations, you can jump between different boards that use Copyl’s Boardroom Portal . Click on “My boards” in the Board portal to change the board.


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