How to avoid Vendor Lock-In for your integration solution

Copyl replaces a lot of SaaS products.

Most of our customers have not strategically taken the decision to be cloud-agnostic so they are using cloud-native services to run their business on. Example of cloud-native services are integration platforms, certain database management system and headless services.

We are always recommending our customers to be cloud-agnostic. To be ready to move all or parts of the solutions to a different vendor, or even on-prem. It’s never too late. Just decide to have the freedom to move and let future decisions consider that.

How can we avoid Vendor Lock-In in our API integrations?

If you are reporting events from your API’s and want to be able to switch to another vendor, we recommend that you build a middleware service that controls the sending of the events.

Integration Vendor Lock-In can be mitigated by having a Trigger Service that is sending the events to the integration platform.

In this case you don’t need to change anything in the APIs when you change the vendor of the Integration Platform. The code needed to make a switch is somewhat simple to make so you can change vendor within an hour, if you like.

However, the defined integrations that is started from your triggers also needs to be copied over to the new vendor. If you have a Integration Service in between, that move would also be rather simple.