How to enable Multi-factor Authentication in Copyl

Enable MFA in your profile settings page

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We encourage all users to enable MFA to secure their accounts from password guessing. The user experience of getting a code by sms and email is also better according to our test users, than to click on matching images in a reCaptcha.

This is still a volutary feature, it migth be mandatory in the future.

To enable MFA

Go to Settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner.

Select Multi-factor authentication.

If you want to get an SMS with the code, you need to register your mobile number. It must start with a ‘+’ and then the country code. E.g. +46701234567 if you have a Swedish (+46) mobile phone number. Remove the first zero in the phone number.

The changes will take effect the next time you login.

If you don’t enable MFA

You will continue to see the reCaptcha were you click on images to prove you are not a robot.


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