How Home Care Service workers use phones on the field

Mobiltelefon med Copyls planeringssystem

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Every Copyl user can use this function even though it is optimized for planning cleaning and home services. There is no need for an mobile app to use Copyl on your phone or tablet.

The home care service worker can use a phone or tablet to “start”, “end” and mark tasks as “cannot be delivered”. The user can also click on the customer address to view it on google maps.

How to start your Home Care service assignment:

  1. Make sure that the user knows what email and password they have and that they are able to log in. As superadmin you can change the password under Settings -> Users & Team. The user can also log in using their Google or Teams account.
  2. Use the standard browser on the users phone.
    Go to the Copyl homepage, Tips: save Copyl as a “favorite” in the browser. This allows Copyl to send notifications to the users phone, notifying them of important information.
  3. After sign in, the user will see their daily planning on the calender on their personal start page.
  4. Click on any planned work to start working on it. Then the user is able to start the task. When a task is started, the time will be recorded while doing the task. When the user is done, they press End task to mark the task as finished.

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