Strategy & Execution

A specialized product for Senior Management and Product Management
with features like OKRs, Budgeting, Risk Management, Contract Management and more

All you need to work strategically

A unique product that summarizes all the modules in Copyl and adds functionality like Contract Management, Product Management, Virtual Datarooms, Risk Management (with summary from projects), OKRs, Budgeting, Project summaries etc.

Risks everywhere

You can connect risks to any kind of object in Copyl, like a Project or a Customer. With the Risk Management module, included in the Strategy & Execution product, you get a holistic view of all the risks in the organization.

Collect, assess and define actions to prevent and mitigate the impact of each risk.

Risk Categories in Copyl Risk Management software
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Steer with OKRs

Set objectives on company level, then on team levels and the teams can set each team members personal objective.

OKRs serve as a steering tool widely employed by successful companies. Typically, a key result is expected to be accomplished within a standard period of 3 months.

Copyl lets you define, communicate and follow up on your OKRs.

Product Management

Plan your product lifecycle effectively with our integrated tool. Strategically position your product by collecting and analyzing competitor data.

Utilize our platform to set up one or multiple projects for product development. Define global releases, establish business models, tiers, and pricing.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level by setting up marketing projects that include budgeting and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Strategy & Execution

Tools for Senior Managment & Product Owners
$ 49 Monthly
  • OKRs for the entire company
  • Focus Areas & Initiatives
  • Product Management
  • Contract Management
  • Budgeting

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