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Everyone becomes more efficient when you know what to do

Copyl is a Workforce Planning Software that is optimized for consulting firms.
Resource Allocation, Time Reporting, Gantt charts and Workload Management are some of the features.

Team Planning
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Workforce Planning

Create and assign tasks, plan projects and absence. Recurring tasks.

Book resources on a project
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Project Management

Book resources on projects. Gantt. Project plans. Reports. Scrum. Portfolio management.

Team Calender shows who's doing what and when
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Capacity Management

You and everyone else know what needs to be done today, tomorrow and next month.

Optimize occupancy rates and deliver your promises on time

Planning assignments for staff may not be difficult, but when deviations occur, such as delays, illness or changes in priorities, it is more difficult. Then a tool is needed to communicate changes and an updated calendar for both employees and projects.

  • Drag and drop planning between dates and resources.
  • Vacation and other absence planning
  • Revenue forecast from Project Planning
Copyl ERP

Every team has it's own pages

Team Calendar
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In order to quickly find what is relevant to the user, we have created special team pages.

You can invite external users to a team for better online collaboration.

Super secret: projects and contacts can belong to individual teams and other users cannot access them.

Built for consultants - by consultants

Copyl was built by people that are consultants them self

Copyl started as an internal resource planning system for our own consulting agency. We know what challenges there are in optimizing the occupancy rate and at the same time delivering all promises on time. Not to mention follow-up, time reporting and invoicing.

We struggled with everything from paper and pencil to complicated Excel sheets. Over a weekend, the first version of Copyl was created, with planning and time reporting.

The trend is clear; we work more from home and hire more consultants from other parts of the world. For it to work effectively, we need something more than Slack to know who is doing what, when.

Since the start in 2011, we have gained the trust of thousands of users who use Copyl daily

We have helped our customers plan and follow up millions of hours. Our first customer, Samhall, still uses Copyl today to plan their staff on different types of assignments.

Samhall is using Copyl to plan their resources

Copyl is future-proof

The platform in Copyl handles much more than workforce planning. As your needs increase, Copyl has fully integrated functions for, among other things, contract management, risk management, board portals, budget and many more modules.

In addition, the technology behind Copyl is completely up-to-date and is secure with encrypted communication and storage. When you need to integrate your IT systems, Copyl has an advanced integration platform that connects everything for you.

Copyl has an integration platform that you can use to integrate all your systems

Features and Pricing : Workforce Planning

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per user / month
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  • Plan members in : my primary team
  • Daily-, Weekly-, Monthly Calendar : Yes
  • Scheduler
  • Scrum Projects
  • Bugs, User Stories, Epics etc
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  • Everything inFreeplus...
  • Plan members in : all my teams
  • Daily-, Weekly-, Monthly Calendar : Yes
  • Plan physical Resources : 10
  • Recurring Tasks : Yes
  • Absence Planning : Yes
  • Gantt Scheme : Yes
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Pay annually - 2 months free
  • Everything inProfessionalplus...
  • Plan members in : all teams
  • Daily-, Weekly-, Monthly Calendar : Yes
  • Plan physical resources : Unlimited
  • Recurring Tasks : Yes
  • Absence Planning : Yes
  • Gantt Scheme : Yes
  • Time Reporting : Yes
  • Billing documents : Yes
  • Revenue & Workload Forecasts : Yes
  • Teams & Project Reports : Yes
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Contact us

Copyl AB, Kellgrensgatan 8, 254 40 Helsingborg, Sweden

Business ID: 556747-5693, CFAR: 53904017
Established: 2007, Part of Ntech Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Copyl have a mobile app?

Yes. The website is built as a PWA app ('Progressive Web App') so you just save the URL in your mobile and you have an app installed.

Can Copyl be changed to meet our specific needs?

Yes. On the one hand, we are constantly developing Copyl based on the customers' needs and if there are special functions that do not suit other customers, we adapt your environment. Copyl also has an integration platform that makes it possible to connect all your internal - and external IT - systems.

How can you offer a free version?

We have customers who pay for Copyl. Those revenues allow us to offer the product to companies that want to test Copyl or that do not have as great a need for functionality.

How does pricing work?

The price is based on how many people you want to plan. Each user you want to plan needs to have a license at the same level, or higher, than yours. You can have as many teams, users, projects, cases, and customers as preferably.

Can I downgrade my licenses?

Yes absolutely! You can do it easily yourself under Settings and if you need help contact us and we will help you immediately.

Which payment methods do you offer?

Card payment (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). If you want to pay against an invoice please contact us.

Can you get a quantity discount?

Yes. Contact us and tell us how big your team is.

How long has Copyl been around?

Copyl was founded in 2007. First as an internal product of the Swedish IT consulting company the group owns. In 2011, we started to bring customers into the platform. During 2019-2022, the entire platform was rewritten to newer technology.

Where is the data stored?

All data in Copyl is stored in Sweden. Copyl AB is a Swedish company that is governed by Swedish law and complies with the GDPR. You have the option of encrypting data in the database to ensure that personal data cannot be read out without a password.

Have more questions?

Contact us and we will help you with any question.

Compare versions ofCopyl Workforce Planning

Price per month$9.90$19.80
Plan members in
my primary teamall my teamsall teams
Daily-, Weekly-, Monthly Calendar
You can plan your time and your colleagues in a daily-, weekly- or monthly calendar.
Plan physical resources
You can plan your physical resources like cars, rooms, machines etc.
Recurring Tasks
Create recurring tasks to efficiently plan your resources long-term.
Absence Planning
You can plan your and your colleagues absence.
Gantt Scheme
A Gantt scheme shows hierarkial relations between the tasks.
Time Reporting
You can report your time to your projects.
Billing documents
Create billing documents from the timereports in each project.
Revenue & Workload Forecasts
Forecast your revenue based on your timereports and planning.
Teams & Project Reports
Get reports on your teams and projects.
Rolf Bäck / Copyl founder

I will help you implement Copyl

Hello! My name is Rolf Bäck and I am the founder of Copyl. For almost 30 years, I have helped companies build smart IT systems.

The best thing I know is to help customers get started with Copyl and help with adaptations and integrations.

Some of my latest clients are Sony, Samhall and the particle accelerator ESS.

Do you want to know more about how we can help your company in particular? contact me directly.

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