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Contract Management - keeps you on top of all your contracts

Copyl Contract Manager
Never again miss out a deadline on a contract that is extended or terminated because you didn't act upon it. Contract deadline is an opportunity for negotiation. Lower the price or getting better conditions.
  • Digital signatures
  • Contract overview
  • Document versioning
  • Logbook
  • Updates your budget

Boardroom & Voting - the board portal with all the tools the board needs

A free board portal that facilitates and streamlines board work between your board meetings.
  • Digital signatures
  • Board Meetings & Annual meetings
  • Owners/Shareholders
  • Data room for documents
  • Board Chat & Board Forums
  • Decision Log
  • Voting system
Copyl Boardroom Software

Meeting Organizer - a free tool that helps you organize your meetings

Organize your meetings with this smart tool that let invites vote on time slots. Every meeting gets it's own page with discussions, Minutes-of-Meeting and links to subsequent meetings.
  • Save time and energy
  • Invited votes on time slots
  • Automatic minutes of meeting
  • See who can participate
  • Collaborate before, during and after the meeting
Meeting Organizer


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Resource Planning - plan your team and the work that should be done

Copyl Resource Planning Management
Plan your human- and physical resources to optimize utilization and deliver on your promises.
  • Plan your team's work ahead. Manage absence, vacations etc.
  • See which roles you need to hire
  • Simulate different planning scenarios between your projects.
  • Integrated with time reporting for easy follow-up.

Budgeting - how's your financial outlooks?

Copyl Budget Management
Set up your budget from scratch or let your contracts, resource planning etc update the budget for you. All objects in Copyl has it's own budget that accumulates to sub-budgets and main budget.
  • Balance Budget, Profit Budget and Cashflow Budget.
  • Worst case-, Best case- and Probable case budgets.
  • Supports IFRS, GAAP and BAS Chart of Accounts.
  • Set up your own accounts and transaction templates.

Risk Management - Identify, assess and manage all your risks

Copyl Risk Management
Risk Management tool for every project, team and organization.
  • Incident Management
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Auditing
  • Risk Heatmaps
  • Connect to any item in Copyl

Integration Platform - Integrate your systems and your SaaS

Copyl Integration Platform
Create integrations between your systems and/or cloud services.
  • Supports event-driven architecture - integrations are runned when data changes.
  • If you are not reporting events from your api:s you get ready-to-implement code from Copyl.
  • Define your applications and information model automatically from Swagger/OpenAPI.
  • Export your application definitions so other can integrate with them.
  • Describe your Enterprise Architecture with Information Models were the data is coming from your code.

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We believe that every enterprise deserves tools that helps them grow and be more sustainable.

We know from our own experience that companies that has empowered everyone with all the information and tools they need are more sustainable businesses. And we also know that companies, especially in the early stages, often can't afford digital tools that will help them earn more money quicker. Our offer for you is to use Copyl for free and grow from there. No strings attached, no questions asked. Just use our free versions how long want.

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