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We want to give back to the developer community so we are sharing templates, useful code snippets etc.

Microservice Template

In short - what is a microservice?

As you might already know, microservices are smaller apps that has limited responsibility and that are independent of any other services. It's the opposite of an monolith application that has all functionality in one app.

A typical example of a microservice is to manage orders or users.

What is a Microservice Template?

We needed a microservice template early on that we could build our own microservices from - and that template is now publicly available for anyone to use as they want.

This template is a .Net 6.0 project that has some special quirks to easilly hook up with Copyl Microservice Management. We have a special library that all of our microservices are using. The library is wrapping some of the more complex functions we usually need in the different services. E.g. a mail function, logging etc.

How to use the Microservice Template

It's optional to connect the microservice to Copyl's Microservice Management (even though we really recommend it).

  1. Download the zip-file and extract it to a new folder.
  2. Optional. Register your new microservice in Copyl to access Microservice Saga Management, Event logs, information models etc. Save the production- and developmentid for the new service, you will need them in the next step.
  3. Run the refactor.ps1 together with Powershell. If you registered your new service in Copyl you can add the information when asked for it.

After script is done you have a refactored microservice template that you can continue to work on. Just add api-controllers and database if you want.

How to contribute

Please raise issues on the Github repository or make changes and Pull Requests. We appreciate your help.