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Author: Rolf Bäck ROLF BÄCK · MAR 15 2021

Copyl Integration Platform gives you the opportunity to digitally define the different processes you have. You can then change a process without making code changes.

What are Dynamic Processes?

Dynamic processes is a way for you to adjust the rules of each process without the need of programming. You can also define new processes and delete old ones, without coding, if the api:s exists.

Copyl Integration Platform creates dynamic processes by defining which api-calls should be made when, and with which data.

Example: Onboarding of a new employee

Define the process by creating a Integration in Copyl's Integration Platform. One integration needs a "Trigger" and at least one "Action". In this example the trigger started by Copyl (User created) when you register the new employee there. The action that the trigger starts, Slack: Create account takes the email address and creates an account in Slack. That triggers the action Create account in salary system and the user is now added there.

So just by adding the user to one system, the user is automatically added to the other systems. (Maybe in this case the user should have been created in the salary system first because of other systems inherit data from there).

How to make changes to the existing processes

All we did above was to define the process in Copyl and point out the different api:s that should be called upon. To change the process now, even in live mode, we can just add or remove steps to our integration.

What are the benefits of Dynamic Processes?

The benefits includes mitigated business risks and decreased costs. A combination most organizations looks for.

Reduced Business Risks

  1. To start with, just by defining your processes digitally, creates an holistic awareness over your organization. In the process you are automatically gonna find some "cheap" optimizations that could be implemented right away.
  2. Visibility - when the processes are defined in Copyl, your colleagues have a shared view over how you work and what rules that apply.
  3. The Speed of Change - implementing changes to your processes are just as fast as clicking on a couple of buttons on a web page. Your competition probably need to develop new software and with their release cycle you are probably a month quicker in each change you make.
  4. Your Enterprise Architecture Information Models are defined in Copyl so when ever you need to know which data contains personal information (eg GDPR) you have the information gathered on one page.
  5. You have a chance of turning your big old monolith (very common software architecture from the past) to Event Design Architecture and microservices. This is also an opportunity to change how you are organized in your organization.

Decreased costs

  1. You have already invested in your different api:s and now is the time to benefit from that. Each change you make in your processes are quicker and easier to implement than before. You save on labor costs, consultants and organizational costs during change.
  2. No more paying for software licenses you are not using. Shortening your process changes also means you have time to terminate- and start new licenses when you need.

What are the pitfalls of Dynamic Processes?

We see two different obstacles that you need to pass to get to a successful implementation of dynamic processes;

  1. Find time to define the processes. It takes time and it cannot be done in vaccum, you need to involve people from your organization.
  2. Programming the necessary api:s. It could take some time away from your it-department.
  3. Testing the processes and the corresponding api:s.

Curious to know more?

Reach out to to learn more about what Copyl Integration Platform can do for your organization.

A final word: we recommend most organizations to take babysteps initally to map out the more detailed roadmap. Start with one integration and go from there.

Copyl Integration Platform

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